If Only

If Only
by Thelma Evelyn Jones

If only I had better health
Then, God You know I’d serve
But I’m not well like others
I have no vim and verve.

If only I were not so old
Then I would bend my knees
In earnest prayer, and serve You,
But it’s so cold, I freeze.

If only I were talented
Your praises I would bring.
A joyful noise I’d surely sing
If only I could sing.

If only I were rich in goods
Then I could keep each vow;
I’d walk with You in righteousness.
One day I will, not now.

If I were more articulate
My words of praise would flow,
But limited the way I am
My prayers are few and slow.

I’d rise up early mornings
Your laws I’d gladly keep
To study, pray and meditate
If only I were not asleep.

If only I were married
To a mate who keeps Your laws
Then I could do Your perfect will;
I’d overcome my flaws.

Escaping in my daydreams
Keeps me separate and lonely
Oh, God, please hear my fervent prayer
And take away “if only”!